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Leather Hip Belt


The classic hourglass effect.

Leather cut in an hourglass shape ensures a comfortable and secure fit around the hips with no pinching or cutting into your clothes or skin.  This snug and supportive fit, flattering shape and elegant look enhances any style.

Choose a belt colour, a belt buckle and indicate your hip measurement

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Product Description

Rather than the linear straight cut of mass-manufactured leather belts, a BoldOver Hip Belt is cut in an ergonomic, horizontal hourglass shape with a slight upwards arc.

The buckle is hand-hammered, hand-riveted aluminum. It comes in three styles: spiral, paperclip and wiggle. Each buckle will be slightly different from the next, as it is one-of-a-kind.

The belt attaches to the buckle by snaps on either side. From your hip measurements, your belt will be specifically tailored. Therefore hold the tape measure to the snugness of the desired fit of your belt over the clothes you normally wear.

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Belt Colour

White, Cream, Black


Spiral, Wiggle, Paperclip


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