How To Wear Boldover Belts

A quick guide

Women have always worn belts to emphasize the curves and beauty of the feminine form.

Deity Goddess figurines dating from fifth millennium B.C. are depicted wearing ceremonial hip belts, giving symbolic homage to fertility and abundance. Nothing has changed; a woman will always dress to accentuate the feminine form, and a beautifully fitted belt is her most powerful accessory.

BoldOver Belts are either cut in an arc or in an hourglass shape to fit snugly and comfortably to the curving feminine form.

BoldOver Belts are custom made to fit your particular measurements and personal style.

Draw attention to your waist and create the hourglass effect

Draw attention to your hips and create the bohemian, sophisticated, feminine effect


BoldOver Belts are attached to the buckle by snaps.

Choose from three styles of hand-hammered aluminum buckles. Each is one-of-a-kind, thus images are representative.

Wiggle – Approx diameter 8-9″

Paperclip – Approx diameter 5″

Spiral – Approx diameter 4,5″

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